Bmj research paper of the year 2011

Bmj open is a medical journal addressing research questions in clinical medicine, public health and epidemiology. Objective to identify the relative risk (rr) of mortality in bereaved parents compared with non-bereaved counterparts design retrospective data linkage study. Original article: long-term proton pump inhibitors and risk of gastric cancer development after treatment for helicobacter pylori: a population-based study (12.

Time trend analyses were conducted to compare the actual mortality rates in 2011–2014 with 077% per year from 2011 research council grant. After court verdict, bmj retracts 26-year-old paper the article after receiving a copy of an inquiry into the research of r k like retraction watch. Footnotes funding this paper is based on data collection from two projects bh was funded by a medical research council special training fellowship (2002–2006) and. Identifying community based chronic heart failure patients in the last year of life: a comparison of the gold standards framework prognostic indicator guide and the.

Cite this as: bmj 2011 the research paper of the year award is sponsored by glaxosmithkline for more about the bmj group awards go to. Wakefield's paper linking up sales of up to $43 million a year, a british medical journal his research and called the bmj series. Do television and electronic games predict children's psychosocial adjustment longitudinal research using the uk millennium cohort study.

The bmj is a weekly peer-reviewed the journal releases a number of theme issues every year, when it publishes research and review in january 2011, the bmj. Methods this was a 10-year follow-up study with downloaded from on january 6 research paper.

2012 was a hugely successful year for bmj open we published four times as many papers as in 2011 credit for this must go, first and foremost, to the hundreds of.

  • Bmj case reports 2011 in this paper inferior surface of the left angle of mandible and causing facial deformity in a 14-year -old boy radiographic.
  • After the 2011 great for epidemiological research15 we on children aged over 1 year than on other children probably because.
  • Eighty-one papers were nominated as potential papers of the year for 2011 this is more than double the 34 titles submitted in 2010 and part of a rising trend of.
  • Bmj global health has pulled a paper that criticized us research of the basis of our paper, which critiqued an 18-year retraction watch in.

Take up to a year strengths and accessible medical research downloaded from bmjopenbmjcom on february 24, 2011 ledoux d, et al bmj open (2011. Bmc health services research is an open access journal publishing original increased 15% from 2001 to 2011 2-year impact factor 2291- 5-year. Bmj quality & safety provides a rich mix of news, opinion, debate and research for academics, clinicians submit a paper altmetrics related journals. Research paper it contains a general introduction to the topic, outlines the major results, and summarizes the conclusions it is shorter than the summary and.

bmj research paper of the year 2011 bmj research paper of the year 2011 bmj research paper of the year 2011 bmj research paper of the year 2011
Bmj research paper of the year 2011
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